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Good sir, may I please have the honour of your acquaintance? GUYSSSSSSS (for the record, I consider "guys" to be gender neutral, as I am from New Jersey, and though I'd written that before the Blue Willow Webinar, I feel the need to annotate regarding my home state: I think that the Jersey Shore is an accurate comparison to make for Essex but that does not apply to New Jersey as a whole. Essex is a county (est. pop. 1.8 million). New Jersey is a small but densely populated state (est. pop. 9.3 million) with immense regional differences despite the small size- see this fabulous map to better understand (it's about ten years old and some of those zones have shifted a bit, but it gives a good idea of how people who know New Jersey see New Jersey) and the Essex bit of Jersey is really just the shore and mostly just that little green bit that involves Seaside Heights).  But I digress.  First, let me say that I KNOW that I am like, three months behind in writing up/posting

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